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The Hive-Tube server plugin monetizes & massively syndicates any streaming media via the Hive, Torrent and Fediverse networks, plus Certified RSS. Stream whatever you want, P2P (even 4K Livestreams). No more worries of shadow-bans, account deletion, demonetization or fees.
Reach new audiences and earn more...

EARN MORE as a Site Host or Syndicate

Install the Hive-Tube plugin onto your webserver and stop worrying about what you can and can’t put online. Earn from every "Like" on Creators’ media that you host for them. If you need a server, or some help with yours (a dedicated Nginx w/8GB will do), we're here for you.

Trending Site Hosts this month:CastGarden offers unbeatable Podcasting 2.0 Certified Podcast Hosting & Syndication”. "BeeToons airs hours of new cartoons daily that you can chill with". “Vigilante TV brings you well-researched, hidden truths of our world”. “FlatEarthDave TV exposes the lies of our world. We live on a flat, stationary plane. Nonsense tells us otherwise”.

Media is syndicated over multiple networks P2P so the load gets distributed (similar to Napster “seeders”), saving you a ton of money on resources and bandwidth. Video quality can stream at 2160p (4K) and radio stations can stream out audio quality of 320kbps!

EARN MORE as a Content Creator

Are you tired of your content being censored by Youtube, Vimeo, Spotify and others? Are you tired of having your funds blocked or seized by Banks, Paypal, Patreon, Publishers, Record Labels, Agents and others? Did you know: Pharrell Williams was only given $2700 for his world-famous song “Happy”, yet he has BILLIONS of views for that song online!

Hive-Tube connects your content to the immutable Hive blockchain, so your earnings are literally impossible to block and popularity stats are algorithmically automated and can't be faked. Did you know: Tom MacDonald gets screwed by the Music Industry as well. They force his rank down on the Charts (to #14 on Billboard!) WAY below the provably less successful artists!

Get syndicated! Just contact your favorite Site Hosts with your Hive username. As they broadcast your content, you get paid in seconds and with zero fees!

EARN MORE by Leaving a Comment

Even your audience can earn by posting thoughtful comments that get "Liked" and tipped! Does Youtube Music, Spotify, Pandora, Soundcloud or Netflix pay the audience for their comments? NO.

Hive-Tube syndicates all content over multiple networks and RSS. It puts more eyeballs onto your content and comments than any other platform in the world.

Once your Subscribers realize that they're earning some income too just by contributing their comments, it's a win-win for everyone!

What is the Hive network currency?

Your $HIVE coins can be spent at crypto merchants (brick and mortar, and online) worldwide. Earnings are fully transparent and automated, so arguments don’t arise between Creators and Site Hosts. You do NOT need to accept the coins if you don't want to. Many people still haven't learned how to pay their bills with crypto yet.

The $HIVE coins that you earn can also be instantly converted into other currencies if you like, at bridges such as swapspace.co, stealthex.io, godex.io, simpleswap.io and a plethora of fiat exchanges around the world (for usd, eur, cad, gbp, mxn, rub, cny, etc). Market info on: coingecko.com

Automated Audience Acquisition & Retention

  1. NO MORE ADS! Everyone hates ads. Hive-Tube pays you directly to publish your content. No more middlemen! Even the audience gets paid for interacting with your content.
  2. EXPAND YOUR REACH · Your content gets syndicated P2P to Thousands of other websites, apps and networks automatically. That means Millions of new eyeballs on your content.
  3. NO MORE BEGGING! Hive-Tube pays your audience so you can say goodbye to the annoying “Please Like, Comment, Subscribe, Share, and Click the bell icon” messages.
  4. EARN MORE · Everyone can earn, there are Zero Fees, and nobody can block you. The more Likes you get, the higher your Reputation score goes and the more popular your content becomes. More syndicates = even more income. The trustless Hive algorithm cannot be manipulated, so no more corrupt Agents, Record Labels or streaming platforms to worry about!

What’s New in Hive-Tube v8?

  • Support for MagnetBank (blockchain-secured!) torrent magnets. Your audience can now download videos, podcasts, movies, music, TV shows and audiobooks P2P and with a radically reduced load on the server. Reach more people with no more broken magnet links!
  • Incentivized Remote Transcoding and Remote Storage support added for full Web3 compliance
  • Advanced Statistics · This new page presents views, likes, average and total watch time, peak and unique viewers/listeners, country and user retention info, interactive graphs and way more!
  • Hive-Tube now generates Podcasting 2.0 Certified RSS Feeds. Creators can now reach many new people! This enables ANY podcasting or RSS app to subscribe to Hive-Tube powered media and livestreams. Includes search, instant Podping notifications and extended media info!
  • Content auto-import monetization and syndication revamped, with no more 3rd party API reliance! Hive-Tube can now auto-SCRAPE your content right off of 20+ platforms (like Apple Podcasts, Bitchute, Podbean, Rumble, Youtube, etc). No more double-uploads needed!

In Other Words...

Earn by Hosting, by creating Content, or even just by contributing replies. The big Web2 platforms don't care about you. They own your data, not you. They can demonetize, shadow-ban and shut you down anytime they feel like it, for whatever reason they think up, and there's not a damn thing you can do about it. The Hive-Tube plugin is free, it's open source and now you can say whatever you want online and actually get paid for doing it.

FREE Peertube Server v6.0.3 core download (required):
 · https://github.com/Chocobozzz/PeerTube/releases/tag/v6.0.3 (docs)
FREE Hive-Tube plugin for Peertube Server:
To install Hive-Tube, just login to your Peertube UI. Go to Administration, Plugins/Themes, then search "Hive-Tube" and click "Install".

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