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Hive-Tube is the best alternative to Youtube. It monetizes & syndicates any streaming media via the trustless Hive blockchain & Fediverse. P2P, no fees, no KYC & unstoppable income.
The 3 ways to use Hive-Tube to EARN MORE...
Install the Hive-Tube plugin onto your webserver and stop worrying about what you can and can’t put online. Earn from every upvote (Like) and Tip on Creators’ media that you host for them. If you need help, we're here for you.
· Hive-Tube Site of the Month: Cast.Garden - “CastGarden is the #1 Web3 Podcast Hosting platform. Grow your cross-app Podcasting 2.0 channel here with Fediverse, Blockchain and RSS syndication, P2P HD Streams, Podping, Transcription/Subtitles, unstoppable income and more. No more walled gardens!”.
· Runner-up Site: - "BeeToons airs hours of new Animator vids, livestreams and cartoons that you can chill with, just like the good ol' days".
· Runner-up Site: - “Vigilante TV was launched to bring you the well-researched truths that are being hidden from humanity”.
· Runner-up Site: - “Common sense tells us we live on a flat, stationary plane. Nonsense tells us otherwise. The best of Flat Earth research, videos & resources from across the plane. We prove where we live and it's not a spinning globe flying through a space vacuum.”.
Media is syndicated to the Fediverse and streamed out P2P so the network load gets distributed (similar to Napster “seeders”), saving you a ton of money on resources and bandwidth. Video quality can stream at 2160p (4K) and radio stations can stream out audio quality of 320kbps!
Are you tired of your videos, livestreams, podcasts and songs being banned and censored by Youtube, Vimeo, Spotify and others? Are you tired of having your funds blocked or seized by Banks, Paypal, Patreon, Publishers, Record Labels, Agents and others?
Pharrell Williams got screwed. He only earned $2700 from his world-famous song “Happy”, yet he has BILLIONS of views for that song online. Imagine if that song was published from some Hive-Tube hosts where it could be earning him passive income virtually forever, without any middlemen stealing his earnings.
Hive-Tube connects your content to the immutable, trustless Hive blockchain, so your earnings are literally impossible to block or censor. Popularity statistics are algorithmically automated too and cannot be faked.
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Get syndicated! Just contact your favorite Hive-Tube site hosts and online radio stations with your Hive username. As they publish your media or play your songs, you get paid!
Literally in 3 seconds, with Zero Fees.
Tom MacDonald gets screwed by the Music Industry as well. They constantly manipulate his rank on the Charts, thus forcing him down (to #14 on Billboard!) well below the less successful artists.
Even your audience can earn by posting thoughtful comments that get upvoted and tipped! Does Youtube Music, Spotify, Pandora, Soundcloud or Netflix pay the audience for their comments? NO.
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What is the $HIVE currency?
  • Your HIVE coins can be spent at PalmPay merchants worldwide.
    Point of Sale info on:
  • Earnings are fully transparent and automated, so arguments don’t arise between Creators and Hosts.
  • You do NOT need to accept the coins if you don't want to. Many Creators still do not understand how to pay their bills with crypto.
  • The HIVE coins that you earn can also be instantly converted into other currencies if you like, at bridges such as,,,, and a plethora of fiat exchanges around the world (for usd, eur, cad, gbp, mxn, rub, cny, etc).
    Market info on:
Automated Audience Acquisition and Retention
    The beauty of Hive-Tube is that it directly pays you to publish your content online. No more middlemen! Even the audience gets paid for interacting with your content (and soon via ios, android and web/tv (see the
    Your content gets syndicated P2P to thousands of other websites and new users in the Fediverse automatically. That equates to millions of new views and listens of your streams.
    Say goodbye to the annoying “Please Like, Comment, Subscribe, Share, and Click the bell icon” messages.

    Hive-Tube pays your audience, so begging them is no longer necessary.
    Everyone can earn, there are Zero Fees, and nobody can block you. The more Likes you get, the higher your Reputation score goes and the more popular your content becomes. More syndicates = even more income. The trustless Hive algorithm cannot be manipulated, so no more corrupt Agents, Record Labels or streaming platforms to worry about!
Did you know? Some uploads are earning over $10,000 per post! So come on vloggers, podcasters and musicians ... get busy! Upload your content to a Hive-Tube host!
What’s New in Hive-Tube v8?
  • Incentivized Remote Transcoding and Remote Storage support added for full Web3 compliance; Makes your content unstoppable!
  • Advanced Stats - The new Statistics page shows you views, likes, average and total watch time, peak and unique viewers/listeners, country and user retention info, interactive charts and graphs and much more!
  • Open RSS feeds for Podcasters added. These new RSS Elements enable any Podcasting 2.0 Certified app to play and subscribe to Hive-Tube content. Videos, Audio-only media and even Livestreams. Includes search, monetization, podping notifications, media info and more!
  • Audio and video auto-import revamped, with no more third-party API reliance!
    Hive-Tube can now auto-SCRAPE content off of 3speak, Anchor, Apple Podcasts, Aureal, Bitchute, Captivate, CurioCaster, Feedburner, Fountain, Google Podcasts, Libsyn, Megaphone, Odysee/LBRY, Podbean, Podcast Index, Podomatic, Podverse, Rumble, Simplecast, TikTok, Transistor, Twitter Spaces and Youtube. In other words, just keep uploading your content to those platforms and Hive-Tube will grab that content, monetize it and syndicate it out to the Hive blockchain and Fediverse network for you automatically! More viewers/listeners means more income!
  • More efficient - Now any Linux/Nginx VPS with 2GB of RAM will run Hive-Tube!
Coming soon in future releases:
  1. Monetized LiveChat for LiveStreams
  2. Patreon-style auto-tipping and subscriptions
  3. HiveCast Tuner for Mobile & Web (accesses thousands of Hive-Tube sites/channels)
  4. Radio station plugins for OBS, Mixxx, RadioDJ and SAM Broadcaster
FREE Peertube Server v5.2.1 core download (required):
FREE Hive-Tube plugin for Peertube Server:
  • To install the Hive-Tube plugin, just login to your Peertube Server as an admin. Go to Administration, Plugins/Themes, then search for "Hive-Tube" and click "Install".
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